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Individual Tyre Candle - Fresh Pine (x4)

Individual Tyre Candle - Fresh Pine (x4)

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Off-road your home décor with the Individual Tyre Candle. Made from the mould of a classic Landrover off-roading tyre, this candle brings an unexpected, rugged touch to any living space. Not only does it provide the perfect light for a cosy atmosphere, but it also makes a unique alternative to ordinary tea lights.

Fragrance: Fresh Pine 
This fragrance features a refreshing blend of pine, lemon, and eucalyptus as top notes with base notes of forest fruits, jasmine, lavender and menthol.

Glowsmith candles are proudly made in the UK.


Pack Quantity: 4
Estimated Burn Time:
6 hours
Azure Blue
69mm x 19mm (Diameter x Height)
Wax Weight:
53 g
Material: Glowsmith® Taper Wax

Care & Safety

To get the best from your Glowsmith candle, please burn and care for them by following the guidelines below.

Candle Safety

All candles have a naked flame and if not used correctly can cause fires. It’s important to read the safety information that comes with your candle and to burn it in accordance with it. Most importantly:

  • NEVER leave a candle unattended, however safe you may feel it is.
  • NEVER move a burning candle as you may get burned.
  • KEEP AWAY from things which can catch fire, such as curtains, clothing and furniture.
  • KEEP AWAY from children and pets.
  • ALWAYS use a heat-resistant candle holder and extinguish when 2cm of wax remains at the base of the candle. The candle base can get hot and may burn surfaces such as wooden coffee tables, baths and tablecloths if a heat-resistant candle holder is not used.
  • ALWAYS place on a level, flat and stable surface.
  • As a precaution, place this candle in a suitable holder which is capable of containing any wax spillage.
  • Placing candles too close to each other or near a heat source can also cause them to burn incorrectly. Please keep candles at least 10 cm apart and do not place them on or near a heat source such as a fire or radiator.
  • This candle is not intended for use in a warming unit.
  • This candle is intended for adult use only: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN, THIS IS NOT A TOY.

Candle Care

Tips and tricks to get the best burn from your Glowsmith candle:

  • Burn your candle for 2 to 4 hours each time, especially on the first burn. Burning longer than 2 hours prevents your candle from ‘tunnelling’ and burning less than 4 hours prevents pillar candles from leaking.
  • Trim your wick to 1cm before each burn. This prevents excessive soot and ensures the longest burn time from your candle.
  • Keep an eye on the flame. If it smokes, flickers repeatedly, the flame becomes too high or contacts the side of a container candle, extinguish it. This can often be caused by melt pool debris such as matches. Make sure the melt pool is clear before lighting your candle.
  • When extinguishing your candle, use a candle snuffer instead of blowing it out. This will prevent wax being ejected from the candle.
  • Avoid burning in a draft. This can cause an uneven burn which in turn causes excessive soot and increased the risk of pillar candles leaking.
  • Do not burn the candle if the candle, container, or labels are damaged.
  • Keep the lid on container candles when not in use and keep candles covered up when not in use. This prevents dust from gathering on the candle, sunlight bleaching and fragrance deterioration.
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