Petrolheads, rejoice! Explore our new webstore!

Petrolheads, rejoice! Explore our new webstore!

Get ready to rev up your home decor, because Glowsmith has officially launched, bringing the raw power of automotive and industrial aesthetics to your fingertips

Founded by passionate petrolheads, Glowsmith isn't your average candle company. We embrace the rugged charm of pistons, brake discs, and tyre stacks, transforming them into unique and conversation-starting home pieces.

Remember that first gear shift, the rumble of the engine, the thrill of the open road? Glowsmith lets you capture that feeling and bring it indoors. Our signature brake disc candle, the one that started it all, is a testament to our dedication to fusing functionality with a fiery ambience. The flickering flame casts an industrial glow, while the dark-coated disc whispers stories of past journeys.

But that's just the beginning. We've got a whole garage full of handcrafted goodness waiting to be explored. Dive into the piston collection, each meticulously crafted to resemble the heart of a machine, a symbol of power and precision. Or stack our tyre candles, a playful nod to the asphalt playgrounds where our love for automobiles first took root.

And the best part? Every single Glowsmith creation is exclusive to us. You won't find these beauties anywhere else. They're the perfect gift for the car enthusiast, the industrial design aficionado, or anyone who appreciates a touch of the unconventional.

Remember, at Glowsmith, we don't just sell candles, we sell stories. Stories of passion, precision, and the unwavering love for all things automotive and industrial. So come join us on this journey, light a Glowsmith candle, and ignite your passion for engineering beauty

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